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British 1916 Dated ''Stohwasser'' Leather Leggins.

Super condition set of WW1 leather leggings, cleanest pair ive found so far for an item over 100 years old. The set are both dated 1916 and have clear makers marks, straps are complete as are the buckles and all in supple condition. The only issue to be found is the loss of one retaining hook to one of the leggings. Broad arrow marks can be found to the outside and inside. A classic set of WW1 officers leather ''Stohwasser's''.

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Vintage Leather Flying Helmet and Goggles. RFC.

The leather helmet has seen better days that's for sure the front button having come adrift from the peak and one side ear cover having lost its tip and has been glued down. The other ear cover is complete but have not tried to undo the popper as im sure its been closed for a number of years. The actual cap body is complete with the leather having no holes just a certain lose in a couple of small areas to the top finish. the seal fur is thin to the peak but mostly complete to the inside. The helmet has its long side strap but the buckle end is missing, buckle still attached to the long end. The goggle again have seen better days with the glass being replaced by thin perspex of sorts, not sure if this would be period.
All in all this makes a nice display piece and going from period photos its the sort of rig used by members of the RFC! If only it was somehow marked or dated then i could be 100% confident, but with the seal fur and panel construction id say 60/40 in my correct assumption!

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1915 Dated 6th-Welsh 1907 Pattern Bayonet and 08 Frog. Sanderson.

A nice untouched bayonet with pommel markings to the 6th Welsh. The condition is very good with the blade having most of its period finish and some slight staining. The pommel and cross guard have period finish with the wood grips in nice condition , only one period chip to one side. The leather scabbard is in supple condition with tight stitching. The 08 pattern frog has seen some use and is missing the long strap to the rear but in my opinion this was done during the period as the colour of the webbing underneath is very clean. A nice untouched example that came to the surface in the Cardiff area last week.

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Kriegsmarine ''Donald Duck'' Cap Eagle.

In nice condition with a good amount of its period finish remaining.

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Heer Officers Bullion Breast Eagle.

A uniform example that's in nice condition.

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Luftwaffe Breast Eagle.

Uniform removed example thats in nice condition.

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Japanese Medal,''Time Expired'' Veterans Association.

The medal is in very nice condition with most of its period finish, the slightly damaged box has its details to the front .

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Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Breast Eagle.

Uniform removed and in very nice condition.

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Boxed Japanese IJA Seafarer Relief Association Special Life member

In very nice condition with all its gilt finish, clean ribbon and nice enamel to the chrysanthemum. The box again in very nice condition with clear details to the front.

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Japanese Army Military Diary.

In very nice unused condition with an occupation note found inside.

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