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1945 Silver Wound Citation and POW Cert of Discharge.

The Wound badge citation is in good condition, its been folded and both sides have a ''weee'' split. The citation is made out to a member of Gren.Rgt. 975 who where part of the 367 Inf Div, at the time being active around Konigsberg. I presume he was wounded and evacuated by sea to Ponitz. This matches his British POW release document as Poniitz was part of the British Occupied Zone.

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First Class War Merit Cross without Swords. MM50, Gschiermeiste, Wien..

In very nice condition with nearly all its finish intact. The rear has its period pin and catch, pin has a clear makers mark number 50.

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British 1915 Dated Leather Compass Pouch.

In very nice condition with supple leather and tight stitching, front of the case has is broad arrow and maker marked with a clear 1915 date.

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British Leather Webley Pistol Holster.

Condition is very good with supple leather and tight stitching, no marks. Going by the size i would put this example at ww1 period. Size across the top is 6.2 inches, from top to bottom, barrel side, is 9.3 inches.

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WW1 Bi-Plane Etched Souvenir Coal Scuttle Shell Case. 18Pr, 1915.

A very nice interpretation of a coal scuttle made from a WW1 18 pounder shell case. The top has a nice rendition of a Bi Plane flying overhead. The whole item has not been cleaned in many years forming a IMO a very nice overall patina. There might have been a bracket on the top lip of the shell.

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German Military Infantry Technical/Weapons Manual, No2. 1935.

In nice complete condition.

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German Military Pocket Song Book.

In nice complete condition.

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1943 British ''Theater Made'' Japanese Aircraft Technical Book.

A very unusual book on Japanese aircraft, single seat fighters up to twin engine bombers. Not all aircraft mentioned have the technical information as it would appear the book was made in 1943 and information was not available, this is mentioned in the book. The whole book has the look of being made ''in theater'' with the binding made of string, certain diagrams of aircraft done in pencil, number of named aircraft without information, the use of typed printed sheets and a type of zerox diagrams. No printing information or department marks.Over 30 Japanese aircraft are mentioned. An interesting item for the aircraft fan!

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Royal Navy Booklet. Japanese Merchant Ship Recognition Sheets.

A very nice booklet as used by Royal Navy ships and subs. Condition in nice and complete.

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The Campaign In Burma Book.

Its in nice complete condition, bit tired to the front top right.

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