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Admiralty Pattern 301 Clasp Knife. T.Turner.

A good used condition WW1 period clasp knife with undamaged stag grips, the blades and spike have taken on a black patina, nothing over sharpened, Turner makers details.

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WW2 Boxed Japanese Naval Marksman Award.

Medal is in very nice condition with all its finish intact, details are stamped to the rear with its period hardware. The period box is made from wood and again has details stamped to the top. Quite a scarce badge compaired to the Army version.

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WW2 British Father and Son Medal Grouping.

Grouping of medals that have just turned up locally through a house clearance.
One group belongs to a Captain R.B.Hardcastle who served in the Artillery from Africa and into Italy . His named box has a new Porthcawl address over the original Sussex one, pressume he moved to this area after returning from service. The medals have never been mounted still wrapped in there grease proof envelopes and consist of Italy, Africa and 39/45 stars with the war and peace medals. Found with the Africa star is a 1st Army bar, no entitelment paper found, extra ribbons inside the box. Also belonging to him is a uniform removed ribbon bar with 1st Army device , a Naval berthing card and his dog tags.
The second group belongs to his father,Francis Sergeat Hardcastle. There is a named boxed Defence medal with paper slip, a named George V Special constable medal, name and numbered St John Ambulance Medal, boxed and a very nice enameled name and numbered Sussex St.Johns Ambulance War Service badge. Lastly and i presume beloning to the dad is a Guant made enameled Red Cross cap badge. So an interesting Family grouping that has never been on the market till now.

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MKII 1888 Regimental Marked Bayonet. I.C.B.K.

Bayonet is in used condition having been cleaned at one point, wooden grips are fine with no chips, blade has a certain amount of water damage i belive, its stamped for the firm Sanderson and is dated 02, top fixing button moves One side of the top handle has clear regimental marks and is numbered. The scabbard is in good complete condition having supple leather,

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WW1 Rifle Brigade Medal Pair and Kings Medal.

Medals are in nice condition the pair being mounted for wear, all three named to C.Hartley.

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L1A3 SLR Bayonet.

Ceremonial used example with a heavy black paint finish added to the handle and scabbard then a coat of lacquer. The blade has its full parkarised finish intact, only markings found are to the top of the blade, bayonet designation cannot be seen due to the heavy coat of black. This heavy finish has also fixed solid the top button, i presume a slight knock will free it. Buff frog is an early example thats in very good condition.

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War Merit Cross With Swords, 2nd Class.

Made of zinc and having some finish remaining,lets say 40%. Sharp detail with no knocks, good length of period ribbon.

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WW2 Black Wound Badge.

A non maker marked example with at least 95% of its factory finish intact. The rear has its period hardware.

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Miniture Mounted Iraq Medal Group.

In very nice used condition.

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Named RAF F/LT Uniform.

Complete uniform to a F/LT P.Botwright, condition of the jacket and trousers is very good with no moth or snags to the material, all buttons present to the jacket and the wings are padded. The cap is made by the firm ''ALKIT'', again in very nice condition, cap would appear to be an earlier produced item than the jacket.

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