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WW1 German Pickelhaube.

All steel fitting example that's in untouched condition with the leather body with some crazing and storage marks, there does appear to be slight shrinkage. Both front and rear peaks are tightly stitched to the body. The metal fittings have nearly 100% of the grey finish remaining except for the top half of the spike, its a removable example.Rear spine has a ventilation hole and cover. The front Prussian plate is in very nice condition, over the years the plate has left a clear indentation to the surrounding leather. The chinstrap is in nice supple condition. Both side cockades,again, have nearly 100% finish. The inside lining i'm sorry to say has suffered from poor storage, its in fragile condition and lost two tips to the arms and two splits along the side sections. The inside crown has a clear 1915 date and makers mark for the firm Julius Jansen,Strassburg, sorry for the poor quality of the photo but much clearer in hand.The the front is a faint size mark, 56 and a half. The back peak has a Regimental stamp but i just cant make it out.
If you want what i believe is an untouched example with all its period fittings then this might be for you even with the fragile liner. I have not tried to strengthen the leather in any way, i will leave this too the new owner if they wish to try and stabilize it and hey i might just keep this one myself if your not interested and i prefer not to touch things!
Oh i just noticed the front peak has a clear full name of the soldier owner in pencil!

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WW1 German Pickelhaube.

Brass fittings example that's in very nice condition. The leather body has good shape, slight flattening to the top and minor crazing to the body.The front and rear peaks have tight stitching, the back is crazed and has one repair to the side, leather chinstrap is supple. The brass fittings are in good condition with all brass domed fixing pins present. The front Prussian eagle is complete and has sharp detail and both rear fixing loops and the top spike is the early one piece types. Both side cockades appear to be the helmets period examples, they have some loss of paint. The inside has its full supple liner, both the inside crown and rear peak are stamped. The inside has a very clear maker details, J. Strecker, Elmshorn and a clear 56 size mark. The rear has a clear BAK stamp. This example has a good amount of patina to all fittings and has not suffered from years of polishing.

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WW1 British Officers Private Purchase Water Bottle.

A very nice example with the felt cover having good nap to the material, no moth nips, just a couple of small grazing areas. The aluminium body has one knock to the front, perhaps this could be pushed back lf going through the spout, well that's if you wish! Top cork stopper complete with chain. The leather cradle is complete and in supple condition with no weak points, its always nice to find the two part cradle giving the officer the option of hanging the bottle from his Sam Brown belt rig. A very nice untouched example and from a local house clearance this week!
p.s. just checked the photos and noticed white ''specks'' this is not moth remnants but cotton wool of sorts!

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1916 Dated Map, Somme Area. Thiepval, Mametz, Pozieres,Courcelette, Grandcourt.

In very nice condition with a clear 1916 date to the bottom corner. Great display item and nice to have a period map for research and even better having the 1916 date. Could well be the owners details scribbled to the front but cannot make them out.

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Japanese Binoculars and Canvas Case. Kaikosha,KT, 6X24.

The waterproof canvas case is complete with its leather side loops and front spring clouser strap with leather tip. The carry strap is complete but there is one area of damage where canvas has laid against the steel buckle for a number of years. This case has seen a lot of use going by the finish to the outer waterproofing. The inside contain a damaged set of Japanese manufactured binoculars. The body has lost quite a bit of its leatherette covering and its lost one eye piece, strap is broken. Both sides of the binos are clearly marked and they have sharp focus and a clear range finder to the vision. This set does have the feel of being something brought back by a veteran and left as is.

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24th Foot, SWB Parade Belt Buckle.

In very nice condition with nearly all its guilt finish intact.

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1941 Dated British Military Clasp Knife. Wade Butcher.

In nice used condition with clear date and makers details.

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Early Large, 1938 Dated British Military Clasp Knife.

This is an early production example, collectors state WW1 period but apparently according to ''Flook'' produced up to 1938. This one has had a lot of use with the blade having been sharpened and stained as is the can opener and spike. The blade has clear Rodgers makers details and the tin opener has a good 1938 date stamp under the cross and star stamps, sorry but just found this so no photo. The marlin spike has a clear broad arrow inspection mark. The grips have had good use but there are no cracks or chips to the body, just slight lifting along the inner edges. The copper hanging ring is complete. Springs are tight!

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WW1 German Buckle and Leather Belt. 1915 Dated.

The two piece buckle has one knock to the central crown area, the rear has its period hardware and the buckle has not been polished. The leather belt a repair the inner tongue, looks period with the rest in nice supple condition with a clear makers mark and 1915 date to the catch end. The belt measures approx 41 inches in length, good size for a WW1 example.

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WW2 Art Work, ''Wings Over Britain'', Liberator Bomber Taking Off!

This nice detailed ink drawing was done during the war by artist Richard Cornick, part of the preliminary sketches for another work undertaken by Cornick, please see item 67761 being sold of his pencil sketch of the American paratrooper on a combat jump! The drawing measures 10.5 inches by 9.5 inches and is named ''Wings over Britain'', there is his signature but its covered by remnants of the mount, with a little effort, blade and damp cloth i believe the name can be uncovered!
If you wish this artwork and his paratrooper work, item 67761 then im sure we come to terms!!

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