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Early Brass Signal/Flare Gun Cartridge Case.

In very nice condition.

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Wurttemberg Imperial Belt Buckle.

This is the type with brass body and separate nickle plate. From the heavy patina all over this buckle id say its not been cleaned for over 100 years, no knocks to the body and the central plate has sharp detail. Rear has all its period hardwear intact. This is not a ground found relic but its been sitting around for some time, 20 miniutes with some brasso and buckle will clean up as new if thats your fancy!

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May,45. Italian Newspaper, Tribuna Del Popolo, Germania Capitolato!

Sheet printed in Italy on the surrender of Germany! Condition is very good, has been folded.

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1939 NSDAP Kreistag Bentheim Event Badge, Tinnie.

Nice designed badge thats in very nice condition with all its period finish, details are sharp. The rear has its period fixing pin and clear makers details.

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2nd Nordmark Treffen Event Pin, Tinnie.

Nice aluminium event pin with sharp detail, rear has its period fixing pin and makers mark.

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Front Seam Swivel Bale US Army Combat Helmet Shell.

Front seam example thats been painted dark grey/charcoal over its original finish then a white line painted around the body. Inside has its original finish with a name written to the inside, looks like HO143. There is a heat stamped factory number but its under the rim so cannot make it out. No stress cracks.

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WW1 M15 French Combat Helmet. Adrian.

This example has around 70% of its original finish with a certain amount of rust bleed over the rest, shell is solid. The inside has most of its finish with the inside crown all flat paint and some debris from storage. Chinstrap supple and solid as is the liner, liner cloth material under the leather again complete but near the back has come adrift from the retaining pin. Nice condition for a barn find item.

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1917 Dated British Cased Binoculars.

Paris made binoculars that are broad arrow and stores number marked. They have clear lenses and focus is sharp. The case has a clear 1917 dated and are named, the letter ''H'' to the case matches a ''H'' stamped under the broad arrow. Case is in nice supple condition, carry strap has a couple of field repairs.

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WW2 German Army Marching Compass.

In nice used condition, maker and DRGM marked to the top of the case. Glass without damage inside arrow is free but a bit stiff.

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HJ/DJ Water Bottle.

In close to mint condition with only one or two small moth nips to the surface of the material. No markings to the neck of the bottle, the back cloth cover has an illegible marking stamp, the buttons are Stoko 4 marked. Size is smaller than an army version.

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