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KIA Medals and Award Slip, SS Almeda Star, Sunk by U96.

Award slip and medals to a Merchant seaman who was lost on the SS Almeda Star in 1941, she was sunk by the German U-Boat U96 on her 2nd patrol. All hands were lost during the sinking. With these medals was also found a single British War Medal to a W.A.Mcmillan R.N.R., most probably a relative of his. The slip has a split allmost across the centre but is complete with his medals entitlement and full name.

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City of London Yeomanry, Rough Riders, Horse Crop.

In really nice condition, hardly any wear, horse crop with metal top having the letters RR underneath a Kings Crown. The KC would place this in the WW1 time period in my opinion.
May i add that the Rough Riders ID is only a guess as it does appear to be two ''R'''s facing each other, let me know if i have it wrong please. Pete.

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Victorian Leather Covered Glass Water Bottle.

Very nice private purchase item as by British Officers during Victorian era campains. The glass bottle is complete with the only damage being periof wear to the rim were the stopper has been taken off and on, bottle was hand blown as expected . The original stopper is maker marked. The leather cover is in very nice condition with no loose seams, has taken on a very nice colour from age and patina. The hanging strap is complete and in supple condition.

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WW1 German Artillery Protractor and Cover.

Metal protractor thats had a good amount of use especially to one certain area. The cloth cover is hand made using heavy gauge cloth.

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German BGS M42 Helmet Shell.

Now here is quite a scarce postwar helmet being a reused wartime M42 helmet shell repurposed for the BGS. Early postwar M42 shells had the liner pin holes welded over, chinstrap bales added to the sides and a new top nut for liner suspension. This example has nearly all its period early rough BGS finish to the outside and its slate grey finish to the inside. The markings have been scaped at the rear of the shell, appears to be CLK but not 100% clear. Its a large shell. This would be a great opportunity to finish off a srace BGS helmet with the addition of a liner.

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1940 Dated British Signalling Torch, Ever Ready.

Quite a scarce model signalling torch used by the British military. Condition is good with some loss to the leatherette covering, a good amount of its military green paint remains to the metal parts, fixing clip has its stores code stamps,body is broad arrow marked and a clear 1940 date. The yellow lens is undamaged as is the signalling switch.

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WW1 French Renault ''FT'' Table Model/ Souvenir Inkwell.

A very nice detailed pot metal model of a Renault tank rising above a German trench. The top turret swivels, the only damage i can see on the tank is a split to one of the tracks. The model is signed by the artist and has a small plaque to the side with the words ''VIMEY''. The French tankers helmet that covers the inkwell has come adrift but in my opinion will be an easy fix.

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WW2 German Medical Lot.

Small group of items that belonged to a practising nurse during WW2. Included are three field dressings, Political first aid manual thats in good condition and complete, and a very nice glass wicked burner/light. The burner i have not tried to open as it might need to be immersed in warm water to loosen the glass stoppers. These items were part of a recent house clearance in Germany.

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2 X German 1941 Dated Medical Bottles.

Both bottles are in undamaged condition, both have clear markings and dated 1941, the original cork stoppers are present. Nice display for any medical equipment.

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WW1 German Tent Pole Bag.

In good condition, some rust staining to the material only, both leather straps are supple and complete, both top buttons present. No markings.

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