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WW1 British French Patriotic Photo Frame.

Cast photo frame depicting the areas were the First World War was fought. Condition is good but missing its back . Would suprise me that this was made iat the end of the war from melted down shell driving bands or similar.

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Daniel and Arter 1918 Armistice 18 Pounder Shell Driving Band.

Produced by the Birmingham Silver Smith firm in 1918 as a souvenir of the end of WW1.

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Duty Nobley Done, Patriotic Brass Plate.

Nice patriotic brass plate with the image of a British Officer Carring a wounded comrade on his back through the battlefield. Produced by ''Graphic'' the image might well be an actual event as a VC medal appears at the bottom around the scroll work.

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WW1 French Water Bottle and Cover.

Still with its chord cover and with a nice field made leather carry strap this bottle has survived very well. To the bottom is its label with the material still covered with mud from the battle field. Bottle rattles , i belive the remains of the cork might have fallen inside.

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WW1 German Cased Binoculars, Named.

Still contained in its period leather case the binoculars are in very nice condition, they have clear optics and sharp focus. To the front the Leutnant has scratched his name. The case is complete with strap, clouser button still works, leather is loosing its top layer only, still supple.

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WW1 British Officers Photo Album. Scottish Mob.

Album contains 55 photos, 36 being of a military nature, rest being friends and family of the officer concerned. Condition is very good and complete.Album measures around 8 inches in height.

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WW1 British Patriotic Picture Frame.

Very nice designed patriotic brass picture frame , condition is very good with no damage. Period photo inside. I pressume made at the end of the war for families to display photos of there loved ones who fought during the Great War.

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WW1 Trench Candle Stick.

Made of brass and able to dismantle to a point. Condition is very good.Perfect display item.

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Falkland Islands Souvenir Shell Case.

Souvenir shell case made into a bell from the Falkland Islands.

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1942 Cased Vickers 303 Clinometer.

Still in its original leather carry case, full details stamped to the bottom, case is complete, could do with a polish. Inside clinometer has nearly all its period finish intact and in working condition. Both case and meter are 1942 dated.

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