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Early DRK Leather Peaked Visor Cap.

A very early example of a DRK members visor cap with an interesting leather peak, type found on the 'crusher' caps from the era. The condition is good/used with good nap to the top material, one small lose of material to the white waffenfarbe on the back. The central cloth has good colour but has some lose of material behind the leather chistrap, only noticable at certain angles. The cap cockade and roundal appear original to the cap, top DRK insignia has gone, i pressume this would have been the early type. Inside orange lining is complet and still has good colour, leather sweatband has seen better days, peak is sewn tot he cap and is strong but there is a small remnant of glue seen under some of the material. So we have an early example thats in collectable condition IMHO and a variant leather peak to add to the mix.