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Heer M42 Single Decal Combat Helmet. EF.

Another lid from my collection is this EF produced steel helmet with nearly all its original factory finish remaining, just a couple of scrapes here and there. The liner pins are tight with only a slight slip as expected from used combat helmets. The one knock its had is to the left side edge near the front, gives it a nice combat feel. The decal is complete but as found on EF decals the top layer has come away , mainly on the black background, detail is still strong. The liner complete and in used condition, the edges have taken on a dark colour from sweat, a sure sign of combat use. The liner has lost the top layer of finish to areas as sometimes seen on late war leather items, mainly to the edge as has the 1943 dated chinstrap, again a good sign of this helmet never being apart. I have never attempted to clean or treat the leather as there is no need to, it will out last all of us if kept in the right conditions. Size is a 62.