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DAF Werkschar Visor Cap.

This cap is built as a true Werkschar example as seen by the smooth middle band, normal DAF caps have a ribbed band. The condition is very good with very little wear. Nap to the material is very good and if there is a small moth nip i cannot find it. Leather chinstrap is nice and complete, visor peak without damage. The inside leather sweatband is named and complete with minimal usage. Inside blue lining again in nice bright colour, under the sweatband a nice clear RZM label can be found. I have named this a Werkschar example and it is but there has never been the usual DAF Werkschar wreath fixed to the front, no holes to be found inside or out , the 37 pattern eagle i would say is factory fitted, its fitted so tight i couldnt even get a slip of paper behind it. So could this be a DAF Walter/Wardens visor, makes sense in my opinion! Anyway Werkschar or Walter this is a nice visor and scarce compaired to a normal DAF ''Festival Cap''.