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Luftwaffe Flight EM/NCO Visor Cap. Unit Marked and

Cap is in good as found condition, this came to me with a couple of others that were brought back by a local veteran, it would appear he didnt take good care with storage as the cap had been folded for some time. The material has maybe one or two moth nips only, the front stiffener was removed giving it a nice look, eagle has gone and there was a cloth breast eagle once applied to the area. The cockade has one broken pin to the rear from the cap being folded! Chinstrap is complete and supple. The inside is in good order but the peak is loose at the corners again from having been folded over the years, sweatband is complete as is the lining, clear makers details to the top, inside the lining is the unit stamp a 1938 date and the added bonus of the owners name tag. The unit stamp relates KG 355 that later became KG55 Legion Condor. Ive had this cap for a couple of months sat on a glass head and the visor is getting its shape back, with a bit of TLC i belive this would be an easy restoration.