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Stohwasser Leather Gaitors. Boer War, WW1.

Lucky enough to be going through a collection of gaitors and came up with this nice pair of Stohwasser type as used during the Boer War and as popular during WW1, numerous photos of these being worn during both conflicts. Condition is complete and as seen ive not cleaned them so dont be frightened by the cobwebs abd spiders. The body and straps are supple but the buckle ends have not been move in many years and are very tight and will need feeding if your thinking of adding these to a Mannequin, as seen ive broken the tip off one, still present, and wont be trying the others. So great display piece ''as is'' or if wishing then with a little work they might well be usable. May i add both have the labels attatched and both have the little leather tabs for holding down the breeches.