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RAD Leaders Dagger.Eickhorn.

This is a British Veterans bring back that the soldier Denazified. The condition is good. The plate has lifted in one area of th handle from appears to be damp over a number of years, other than this the rest of the daggers finish is intact with only minor bubbling. The handle has one small chip which might well have been period, no cracks. The blade is nice with clear motto and makers details, no sharpening and tip is complete, only minor staining.Owners intiails to the back cross guard. Scabbard has no dents and both hanging loops present, minor staining, both screws present. So a well used example and its a shame about the swastika but we all know that veterans did this from time to time.
As an added note this was brought in yesterday by a gent who found it in his great aunts house behind a chair after she passed away, he was 18, that was over 20 years ago so its new to the market.