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Panzer Grenadier Officers Tunic

Original M36 tunic thats been modified for an officer in the Panzer Grenadiers, the belt ramps have been removed and the tunic tailored for a tighter fit, cuffs have been added and i belive the bottom pockets moved. The uniform matrial is in very good condition, nap is very good and there is no moth nips or tracking, there are a couple of issues though wich will be reflected in the price, someone at some point wishing to wear the jacket has slit the button holes and un picked two pleats at the rear to make the item fit them, goodness knows why they would do this to an origianl item, well the pleats can be re sewn, very easy job and the button holes can be repaired, as mentioned this is reflected in the price not forgeting the scarce PzGr insignia.