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WW2 British Tank Map Box.

Very scarse box of maps to go with all British Tank equipment. The Leatherette type box which measures around 20x15x15 inches, contains a number of maps of of South Britian, dated 1941. Index shows that two types of map are contained in the box. 6 large scale and 89 smaller scale maps with 1 larger version of Salisbury plain. Thru the years a number of these maps have vanished, 5 large ones and numbers 93 to 135 of the small ones and the Salisbury plain remain, all in very good if un-used condition. These boxes do not turn up that often even with early British training maps and would be a great addition to any Tankers collection.

Item weighs in at around 3 kilos so please expect a higher postage cost, or i can bring with me to the Stoneligh fair at the end of January.