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RAF Pilots Flying Log Books, Tirpitz and 1000 Bome

Pair of log books to a W/O Lloyd, E. starting with his first instructions on March 1938 in a Tiger Moth, this book is complete with the usual trainging notes, training on various aircraft, 14 in all including the Swordfish and Witney Bomber, i belive he finished traning in 1941, at the back are his first operational flights beginning Sept 1941. The second log book, flying Whitley and Halifax bombers is far more interesting as he notes 17 Opps which are all marked with Targets including St , Nazaire, Uboat pens, 2 missions on Trondhiem, Tirpitz action and the first 1000 bomber raid over Germany, Cologne. There are numerous missions over the rest of Germany and the last one dated July 1942 is an Opps over Tobruk, 4 pages are neatly cut after away after this entry, the rest of the book has not been filled. I should add that on Feb 16, St.Nazaire Opps he noted that he and his crew had to bail out over Appleby due to Fuel shortage, and another interesting note that on his second mission on the Tirpitz his rear gunner was wounded. So a very neat pair of books to a Pilot with some very interesting mssions, why the book finishes after July 1941 i couldnt tell you as i have not researched the pilot.
Now for the down side, these books have also been scribbled in by a child on numerous pages in the books, the first book has some writting withing his actual notes, not many and i would say they do not ditract from hs training notes, the second his opps book is fine except for some markings to the free pages in the back, again these do not detract from the opperational notes and i belive these two books are well worth adding to any collection and would be a great research project.