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WW1 British Trench Watch

A well used 1916 dated trench watch as used in the trenches of WW1. Tis one has a european 925 mark to the inside with its london import stamp and 1916 date stamp. The inside face numbers and hands have a thick illuminous paint as expected.As mentioned this one has seen use, body has a couple of very small knocks to the back and the screen is scratched but looks a lot better than the pictures show. Ive managed to get this one to work and so far it runs for 20 hours at a time, im no watch maker , the winder will only need a couple of turns in a clockwise direction to wind the watch up. If this watch was perfect id be asking more for it, it works and will display perfectly with any ww1 collection and dont forget the 1916 date stamp, perhaps on of many that were imported to use by officers and men in France.