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Irish Model 1927 Vickers Steel Helmet.

This Vickers made helmet for the Irish Free State has survived in very good shape. The shell is in very sound condition with only a couple of small knocks to the crown area, the white 1940's civil paint finish remains around 30% intact, the original first military grey finish looks to be over 90% remaining. The inside skirt again has a good amount of white and underneath a good amount of original gey, the inside crown has over 70% of its original finish with ofcourse some surface rust. The original leather liner is somewhat dry but the liner tounges are still supple and contain the original horse hair pads. The liner itself is stamped with the maker ''T.S.SMITH, DUBLIN, 1927. The Vickers stamp with date and manufacture number at the rear of the helmet is covered with white paint and i cannot make it out. This example has enough original grey finish that with some time and effort could be revealed by removing the white finish, again the liner if cleaned and treated would come up a treat. I belive only 10,000 of these were produced.