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Black Leather U-Boat Jacket as worn by the SS at N

Not a bad example of a WW2 German U-Boat made jacket , these were issued at one point to the Italians then taken back after the Italians surrendered and issued to HJ and LAH SS panzer units ready for Normandy. The condition of this example is used, one small tear to the side at the back,please see the photo, the front left has some lifting to the material but this has not gone thru. The remaing buttons to the front and arm straps are the pebbled army style replacing the original KM ones, two are missing. Inside blancket lining is in very good order with just a couple of small moth nips. I cannot find any markings or size but would put this one as a medium and fits my dress dummy fine. Allthough in used condition this is a well displayable jacket and perfect for your Normandy SS display.
Due to the used condition this one is priced accordingly.