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Feuerschutzpolizei Service Tunic with Belt and Buc

This set was recently found in a North German fllee market by a friend of mine and it does look as if its just come out of a cuboard or attic. The tunic is complete with all buttons and insignia except for the Nazi period arm badge to the left side, were it once was can clearly be seen. The material to the body has a couple of moth nips and the nap has some damage, this can be seen mainly on the front top left and has a hole to the inside of the collar were it appears to have rubbed up against the coat hanger. The inside lining is complete and in much better condition, one inside pocket. The ribbon above the pocket is for WW1 service and the badge has something to do with a Musical band. The coat hanger appears to be the one found with the tunic as is the belt and buckle. The NCO buckle is in very nice condition with plenty of patina and as seen in the pictures i have not removed from the belt, belt is not marked but its complete and quite supple. Not a bad find!