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Hitler Youth Winter Uniform.

Complete set that has recently been found in a house clearence in Germany. The set comprises of the blouse, trousers and cap, the belt, dagger and armband i have added for display only.
The blouse is in very nice condition with only a couple of very small moth nips, not noticeable, its HJ regulation pattern as expected, there is no evidence of boards or insignia. The buttons are RZM marked, all buttons present.
The trousers again are in very nice condition with a couple of very small moth nips, again regulation HJ pattern with all buttons present. A couple of the ankle ties have gone.
The winter cap follows regulation pattern and is in very nice condition, lining complete and maker marked to the center.
There are no markings or labels to any of the items that i can find. All three items are in the same used condition and appear to have been together since the end of the war and all are a good size, not a toddler!! Great display piece.