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Pre WW1 Imperial German Artillery Visor.

Cap is in Super condition, only a couple of small areas were the moths have had a nibble, and only one actual moth nip, smaller than a match head, the rest of the material is very nice with ggod nap to the material and strong colours. The visor has a small amount of crazing.Again the inside is in very nice condition, just two areas of moth damage near the sweat band, sweat band is complet and free from staining as is the top lining, maker marked for the firm Peter Kochan, Tries, has paper tissue inside between the top of the cap and sides, original? i cannot say but likley from the condition of the cap. The cap has a two colour pipping which according to some domates an artillery vetrans issued example, cockade has the date 1813 and some wording which is hard for me to make out.The cap is a very small size, perhpas the reason its survived in such wonderfull condition.
These caps are not well documented by collectors, but opinions have them dating pre WW1.