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WW2 RAF Flying Boots

A very nice pair of Air Ministry flying boots that are in super condition, the only damage is a small hole tapped nto each side of the heal, Top leather outer skin is like new, no stains, holes or snags and in very supple condition, inside sheep skin again in very nice condition. The rubber type uppers to the boot has no damage and again is in supple condition, no cracking etc. Soles have some ware but are in sound condition. I belive these are a size 7 but look slightly bigger to me. Both tounges are AM marked as are both zips.
These came into my shop yesterday by a spritly 84 year old gent who joined the RAF in 1945, he use to mountain climb for the RAF and wore these on his long trips into Scotland adding leather straps to make them fit better on his feet, it would be easy to fill the holes if you wished.