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NS Manufactured Heer SD M42 Combat Helmet.

This example has around 97% of its original rough finish, colour is still matt with very little patina from handleing. The NS decal is again in very good condition, id say 95% remaining. All liner pins are present and tight, all original to the helmet, one pin has lost its head to the back, slight ring of rust surrounding this pin. The crown has had what appears to be some white paint, its been wiped off, some of this paint can be seen on the inside crown, nothing new to see when these lids were around during the vet painting his house. The liner is marked size 58 and is still cream in colour, some wear to the outer edges and one small cut, half inch, to the front. Original liner tie in place. Sorry but cannot see a maker or date to the zinc liner frame, i do not try and pry the liners for details on my helmets in my collection. NS makers stamp is faint to the side and lot number is stamped to the rear, D314. A very nice example that has to find a new home due to my hemet addiction ''forceing'' me to add two new camos to my collection.