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German Lkp W100 Leather Flying Helmet.

Recent ''walk in'' to my shop is this nice and quite scarce Luftwaffe headger being a Lkp W100 helmet as used during the Battle od Britain. This was found in a garage and has some minor damage. The leather is in good supple condition but has suffered from some moth damage to the inside sheep skin making it thru to the leather leaving one small match head size hole and some weak surrounding leather, nothing major and does not detract from the overall look, its my belief that this would come back to life with just a little care. All buckles and straps are present but have rusted from age, i have not tried to move them, the upper steel buckle on the front has sufferd from rust and has been period sewn down with one stitch by the original owner.Bakelite ear cups have no issues. The throat mike is again in sound condition but the straps that hold the mike around the throat has some fraying around the loom area, but still usable. The long loom area has again frayed but has a long length, no jack. Inside sheep skin lining is in very nice condition except for one area as mentioned, this has damaged the inside label , this is the result of the moth damage to one small area when the cap was laid down flat over the years. The size stamping says 57. A good all round example that has never been in any collection before and one thats getting hard to find.