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WW1 German Camo Helmet, Battle Damaged.

A sweet battle field pick up being a camoufage German helmet with severe battle damage, concussion fractures. The outside finish is nearly 75% of its original brushed applied camouflage finish with black outline, were the camo finish has gone the original green factory paint can be seen, two areas of metal work showing are around both fractures, front peak and right hand side near the brow plate lug. It would appear that the explosion concussion has crushed the shell, and the two front liner retaining pins have been lost. The inside has nearly all its factory finish, it has the remains of the owners name to the rear in pencil, i cannot make out the name, its stamped ET66. The first pattern liner is still attatched to the helmet by the rear liner pin, its quite strong and supple but one pad has been torn half way thru.
Sorry to see this one going as im a great fan of brushed camo finishes but ive added another helmet to the collection so needs must, im sure you will not be disappointed.