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WW1 German Hand / Pocket Warmer and Charcoal Fuel

Now here is something you dont see every day, and the condition is just smashing! The private purchase metal hand warmer is held in its original cloth bag with very nice Iron cross buttons with motto, it has only the slightest damage to a corner were the owner put the tin back when it was too hot, both poppers in working condition. Inside the metal warmer is again in super condition with its gauze charcoal container, no issues, owner has scratched his name to the outside.
When i saw this item come out of a box wasi insantly drawn too it but when the original box of charcoal fuel popped onto the table , well i just had to have it. The box is quite full and the owner again has written his name on the outside.
I really dont belive you will find another one of these, well not in this condition and still with the original fuel tablets. An very nice example of the sort of private purchase items sent to the front line trooper by there loving relatives during WW1.