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WW2 American M1 Combat Helmet. Super Condition. Un

As mentioned this one is very close to being unissued, its close to mint. Its a front seam, swivel bale M1 with a Westinghouse liner. The paint to the shell, inside and out is very close to 100%, outside cork finish has just a couple of tiny knocks ,say the size of a match head, the colour is a nice flat green, the inside has the heat stamp which reads 1064E. Chinstrap is in perfect condition.The inside liner once again has nearly 100% of its original matt finish, the inside strapping is in perfect condition as is the leather chinstrap, various stampings to the neck area webbing, no cracks or other damage. The helmet net is a WW2 example and is in very good condition.
It would be very hard indeed to upgrade this example.