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1944 Dated Airfield Construction Group Battle Dres

This Battle Dress is a nice find being patched to a member of the units that were sent into the forwrd areas to rebuild airfields that had been captured from the Germans during the push thru Europe. The BD is in very good condition, it has 5 small match head size moth nips and some small areas of moth ''grazing'', as seen from the pics these do not detract from the overall look of the BD. I would say that this item was part of the original owners ''coming home'' uniform as the back is pleated , the printed ACG patches are in such good condition, i have taken a shot of one patch were a moth went eating up to the patch then moved around it, a good sign that the patches are period applied. The corporals stripes are tacked on only, perhaps he didnt think he would have them long. Inside again in very good condition.