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HJ/DJ Leaders Document Group, KIA First Day of Ope

A very nice group of pre-war documents to a DJ leader Armin Barkman. Member of DJ unit 188, Hamburg area.

1/ Early pattern Leistungsbuch, HJ proficency booklet....Has his date of birth as 19/6/20, joining the DJ in 1933. Number of pages filled in with his sports record for the proficency badge, he was awarded the Bronze grade in 9/9/1938, first entery in the book dated 12/7/1935. This book has no photograph and it does not look as if one was ever pasted in.
2/ Mitglieds Ausweis fur das Deutsche Jungvolk in der Hitler Jugend, Outside cover is in very nice condition with Gebiet 6 stamp, inside has an early younger photo of Barkmann wearing his brown DJ shirt, full details to the inside including his DJ service number, to the rear there is a full page of payment stamps.
3/ Versicherungskarte (Health Insurance Card) , named and the back has a full issue of payment stamps.
4/ Two promotion Documents, one from 1936 promoting him to ''Jungenschaftsfuhrer'' and the second dated 1937 promoting him to ''Jungzugfuhrer'', both with Gebiet 6 stamps.
5/ Large original photograph of Barkmann and friend as DJ leaders during a stay at a ''Lager'', camp. Barkmann is the large fellow on the left. Nice uniform detail of what a DJ leader would wear, including the black cap as held by his friend. Photo is larger that postcard size.
6/ Two very nice and quite scarse Lagerausweis to eventsheld in Tahlenburg, Cuxhaven, 1935 and 1936.
7/ Confirmation document for the recipt of his Bronze Sports badge, dated 9/9/1938. Interestingly there is a list of badges etc and there prices, Barkmann paid for 3 items. Looks as if the HJ members had to pay for there awards!!!
8/ Last document seems to be his Reichspost Identity card, again giving a very full and detailed discription of the lad.
9/ To finish this grouping ther is his original DJ Fahnlein 188 early chain stitched shoulder board as seen in the photo, this has the nice addition of being monted for wear on his shirt b a large ''popper'', easy to remove from uniform shirt for washing.

Some research by the previous collector has found out that Barkmann was killed in action during the first day of operation Barbarose, 22/6/41, the invasion of Russia. He is buried near Greiszohnen, Tilsit. More research also found his name on a memorial stone at his local High school that was erected for local lads who never returned from the War.
Super little grouping too one boy who never made it back from fighting for his country.