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WW2 Uniform Grouping, Royal Armored Corps, Gordon

This lot was found recently in the loft of a Cardiff house that was recently purchased by the owner who brought his into the shop. The name of the officer is R.L.Surrell who past out of officer training at Sandhurst in 1943. Going by his ribbon bars he served in Italy and Tripoli ending a long service as Lietenant Colonel in the 90's. He was awarded the OBE in 1975. This group has his RAC service jacket, named and dated 1943, couple of moth holes. Both Battle Dress are wartime, one has been stripped, signs of this can be seen on the arms, of course its been tailored for an officer, condition is very good with no moth. The second BD has a Gordons flash across the top arms, its an Australian made item thats been tailored by having the neck opened, pleats down the back and shortened. It also looks as if certain Div signs have been removed, its has some moth damage. The khaki trousers and shorts are in good condtion with no moth. The 3 large photos show Spurrell as a boy in 39 in his school cricket team, passing out of training in the RAC and lastly as a member of the Gordons. There are well over 150 photos of his time in Tripoli, mainly military themed. Aslo present are his two cricket caps, one dated 38 the other 37, a fox head pennant and a red arm band. Im sure research is possible on this long serving member of the British army.