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RAF B Type Flying Helmet, 1938 Dated.

Condition is good ''used'' with no rips to the leather body, its supple and has the back strap with bennet buckle, thought this is missing its leather covering, all snaps are present but has verdigris, long strap present but the clouser buckle is missing, this has been cut off. The ear cups have both zips, one has been sewn down at the zip end, the other is complete but i have not tried to open, no recivers present, i have filled both ear cups with news paper. The inside again in good condition with one small rip to the material, clear large makers label to the inside crown area with a 1938 date, this has a mark going thru it and a very faint 1941 date added, it has a clear size mark. So its in good condition with pleanty of display appeal and priced accordingly.