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Imperial / German Medal Bar with Romanian Order of

A lovely condition bar of two to a WW1 veteran. The iron cross has all its factory finish to the iron centre and the outer edge has taken on a near black finish from patination. The Romanian order is just a great looking award with no damage to the very red and white enamel, front and back, again the surrounding metalwork has dark patina. Both ribbons are in bright and undamaged condition. The rear felt backng is without damage and the fixing pin is in working condition. With this set is the original box for the Romanian order, quite a scarse find, complete and in very nice condition. The ribbon bar has the added Hindenburg cross, awarded after this bar was mounted, extra length of period Iron cross ribbon was found in the box.
The age of the mounted pair would probably date from the late 1920's early 30's as its mounted without the Hindy Cross and the Romainian order is the civil type dating before 1932 . Its been mentioned to me that the owner might well have been a diplomat if you put the above all together. Anyway its a super grouping.