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Heer Soldbuch and Cover, 342 Infantry Division. EK

This set is in very nice condition with a clear photo to the front and the same shot found loose in the back of the book. Gorgen was part of the 342 Division. This Division was formed in Koblenz, same area stamp found on the back of the loose photo. In 1941 this division had occupation duty in France then in June 41 it took part in anti partisan activity in Yugoslavia/Croatia, Feb 42 the Division was part of Army group centre fighting in Russia were it was nearly destroyed fighting on the Vistula front, ending activity with the 4th Panzer Army at Cottbus and the Halbe pocket May 45.
It would appear Gorgen recived a number of wounds including shrapnel and freezing related in 45. Both medals awarded during his service in Russia. The book has plenty of detail to go thru with may i add two pages missing but these relate to ''recording valuables when in hospital, page 15 and recording dental history, page 16. The red leatherette cover is in very nice condition.