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Imperial Bavarian ''OR's'' Picklehaube. Transition

A very nice example thats never been clean or restored, the body has minor crazing to the leather, both front and back peak are strong withouth repair, chinstrap is an original example. The front steel helmet plate again without damage, front visor steel edge has one crimp to the front, top spike is a mixture of brass and steel fittings. All steel metal fittings at one point were covered with a wash to resemble an all brass version this is the reason i call it a transitional piece before the all steel versions were produced. The inside liner is again in very nice condition. its supple and has taken on a nice dark patina , the original owner has marked it twice with his name, inside dome has a very nice depot stamp and is dated 1915. The cockades are a bit difficult as im not sure if original to this helmet, national cockade might well have a chance but i belive the white and blue Bavarian cockade is a replacement. Ive never attempted to clean the item as i do not touch any item that i add to my collection, i just love Patina folks!!! Time for this Pickle for a new home.