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British Camo, French Made, Vietnamese Para Smock.

Yep its a mouth full but this is what ive learnt on this item. I bought it from someone who thought it was a Belgium smock, i could'nt find the pattern and after some time on the web a Knowledgeable camo collector informed me of the following. The material is British made and supplied after WW2 to the French military, the French were then fighting in Indo China were they produced these para smocks for there Vietnam paratroopers fighting with them against the communist forces.
Now to the jacket. The colours are strong leading me to belive its not had much use, there are no holes or snags, one shoulder board at some point had white paint splatter that the collector penned over, the rear tail is present as are all poppers, inside neck material is complete but i belive the zip has been replaced. There is no size label but i would put it at a 42.
An interesting para smock with loads of interesting history!