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M38 Gasmask , Canister, Anit Gas Cape and Pouch. U

Something i find a bit special is this recent find from North Germany, its untouched since 1945 and never been apart. The canister has suffered from storage as seen in the pics but when the cape pouch is moved around the original factory finish has survived hidden behind it. The inside has suffered very lttle from this storage, cannot find a date under the paint and in not going ''digging'', the top still contains the original spare lenses for the mask, the compartment is named twice. The mask is in very nice condition with no hard or brittle areas, mask still supple and the head straps still have there elasticity, various stamps and a nice clear 1944 date to the lens. Mask filter again in very good order with a clear May 1945 stamp to it,and lastly its original rare gas cleaning cloth in the bottom with various stamps to it. Im amazed these were still being issued two months before the war ended.
The gas cape and pouch have been attatched to the canister since the end of the war, i have no doubt about this! The pouch has markings to the inside but i can only open one popper and do not wish to damage the pouch by forcing the popper open, clear eveidence of the cape being held in place by the pouch and leather strap, its a pity but a mouse tried to make a meal of one corner, its must have been hungry!!
So ,we have a semi relic time machine here, and if untouched artifacts are your thing then here you are!