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M35 Reissue Combat Helmet, Ex Rubber Banded.

A super combat helmet that shouts out ''been there done that''. It started out as an apple green double decal helmet that at some point has had a field applied coat of paint to tone down the original finish, the paint went over the two decals, both decals can be seen under the paint.The really neat bit is that the soldier applied a rubber band onto the lid whilst the paint was still wet leaving a really nice indentation were the band once was. The outer paint has well over 80% remaining with many chips and surface scratches from its long life in combat. The inside skirt was also painted leaving a finger print in the paint and lots of paint on the early single banded alu liner frame and square chiinstrap bales, inside crown has the first apple green finish. Liner is in very good condition with only one tounge tip pulled thru, the liner string is the original and is well stained from use over the years. Chinstrap i would say is original to the helmet but has broken near the end of the long strap, its maker marked and dated 1942. Helmet is maker marked SE62 and has a lot number of 3607.
This helmet is from my collection, im having to thin out due to certain circumstances, IMHO the lid has had two coats of reissue paint, i belive its also had 2 army decals applied, its difficult to see but under a good loop im sure you will agree, the area around the decals have not been ''dug'' at, it just the reaction between the coats and decals, i have not looked for a date or maker on the liner band as IMO there is no need to. What your looking at here is a super ex band M35 thats seen plenty of action and one that reminds me of the early photos from Stalingrad, sorry for going over board here but this is one has been with me a long time.