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Kriegsmarine Dagger, Horster.

This is an untouched example recently brought into the shop by a 70 year old gent, more on that later. The dagger has all the hallmarks of never been ''pimped'' by anyone. The handle has lost most of its wire but there are no cracks or chips,the brass pommel and crossguard have most of its factory finish, its taken on patina from age, the original knott has bedded itself in with no chance of removal, some fraying but complete and strong. The blade has a clear Horster makers mark to the tang and a very nice sailing ship design running down its length, it has some minor spotting near the tang, it has its original tip. The scabbard has it original wash with some rubbing down to the brass body, no knocks and both hanging loops are present.
Now for the story! The gents parents use to run a boarding house on Cardiff docks during the 40's, this dagger was found left in one of the rooms after a sailor had left. This has not been in a collection before and im sure the ''look'' of ths dagger will confirm this. Ive been told to rewire the handle but i like it as it is, well thats just me!