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Named RFC Loose Leaf Note Book, 1918 Practical Fly

This nice RFC grouping belonged to 2/Lieut C.O.Thompson which includes his personal RFC loose leaf note book full of hand written notations by Thompson during his training with No 2 squadron in Hastings. Book has some nice detailed diagrams rendered in pen and pencil, notes include flyng, observation, cameras, ammo, machine guns etc, book is full. With this came a nice 1918 dated hard back book written by a serving flying officer , printed by ''War Service Manuals'' before hostilities ceased. Book is complete and a very interesting read. Seven large black and white photos of France, buildings and trenches ,all wartime, were also found with the grouping also included are his his 2 medal boxes and the envelope they were sent in, alas no medals. Interesting and rare RFC paperwork.