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Early SA Standarte, Group Patch 11/74, Static Swas

A very early large SA Group flag with unit corner patch 11/74 for the Hochland, Nienburg area. The multi piece stitched swastika is in Static form dating this example to very early 1930's production. This flag was once attatched to a flag pole by means of a sewn side sleeve, still there, at some point the flag was upgraded by having SA unit patches added and metal rings sewn to the side, two remain, all this points to the very early production date. The unit patch is in green and edged in bullion, the numbers are chain stitched. There was another patch underneath but it was period removed perhaps when two groups combined.Condition is in very nice with only a couple of small repairs to the red material and some staining from storage otherwise this is a super display item from an early NSDAP time frame.