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Boer War Presentation Clasp Knife. Imperial Yeoman

Well i do like my pocket knives and this must be one of the best ive been able to offer in some time and thats without the dedicated info running along the body. The knife is made by Joseph Haywood, all blades and tools on the knife are so marked with the extra trademark of a kettle. All blades and tools are present and all are tightly ''sprung'', minimal staining from age. Too the side of the metal grip is the name of a soldier, ERNEST.J.HORWOOD, of the 58th company of the Imperial Yeomanry, a quick search brings up Horwood as having served in Africa during the Boer war from 1900 till 1901. Why he was presented with the knife is anyones guess but from the condition he certainly didnt use it a lot. Perhaps more research is possible.