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British Para Beret and Indian Made Sorbo Training

These two items recently came into my shop from the estate of local veteran who recently passed away, they were both found in his garage. The beret has seen better days, the nap to the body has worn down from use and it has some holes, the front badge is a collar example but this has been on the beret for many years, nap of the material is much stronger behind the badge and lots of verdigris can be found under the retaining prongs at the back of the badge. The inside liner has lost its makers stamp but the Z prefix above the broad arrow dates this to 1945, inside is in used condition but complete. The Sorbo training helmet is an Indian made example as seen by the hand stiched grommets and the ''I'' prefix under the broad arrow stamping to the centre. Its in very nice condition, one repair to a side skirt near the fastening strap. This one has a very clear name to the inside skirt.
Even with the beret in very used condition, its original and being found with the Indian made sorbo helmet, will be a great display item. As for the sorbo helmet, these Indian made examples rarely turn up for sale and a search of the inernet will show photos of these helmets actually been used to drop paras into action in Burma. Of course these have never been in a collection before.