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British 1903 Pattern Bayonet in Naval Frog.

Condition is very good with the wood slab grips having only the slightest briusing and knocks, no chips. The pommel and cross guard have a nice amount of original bluing, some slight pitting to one side of the pommel near the top only, fixing button works freely. The blade again in very nice condition with no pitting and a good amount of its factory finish, numerous markings including the Wilkinson makers mark. Letter ''J'' stamped along one side of the metal running behind the grips. The top of the pommel is stamped EDF for the firm Enfield who during the years 1903 to 07 had a contract to convert the 1888 pattern over to the 1903, apparently this was done to just over 66,000 bayonets.
The leather scabbard is supple and is dated 04, all stitching tight with the naval type frog again in supple condition, does have the remains of a three digit number stamped to one side. A very nice and rare example.
p.s. May i thank Dane for the above info on these converstions.