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Fallschirmjager Reg.13 Document Grouping.

Nice grouping of documents relating to the service of Gefreiten Helmut Meyer in FJR,13. The three award documents are in nice condition but have been folded, they all relate to action during his time in Normandy as does his paper wound tag. The dog tag is from service in his first unit, nice condition. Button hole enamel glider badge in very clean condition and has clear issue number to the back,32833. The four booklets are in very nice condition, three are NSFK related with two having nice HJ photos of Meyer inside, fourth is his Luftwaffe shooting book. Lastly are two nice photos of Meyer in blouse and wearing his cloth para badge. Two of the award documents are signed by KC holders.
I recently bought this groupng from a friend who posted this grouping on Axis History Forum in 2004 with some really interesting information and observations coming from a forum member ''Paddy Keating'' and others, also my friends photos are much better than mine. I would suggest popping in my full title to this listing found above into Google Search to find much more information on this nice grouping.