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HMS Glorious KIA Paperwork and Medals. Newport ,So

Small lot that relates to the death of Ordinary Seaman Bernard Rowan who went down with the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious in 1940, sunk during action in the North Sea against the German Battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.
The papers include the 1940 dated telegram sent to his mother stating he is missing perhaps a POW, a 1950 dated telegram relating sympathy to his mother on the death of her son, a 1948 dated document on medal entitlment and how to claim, a 1942 document from the Inspector of Naval Wills and Rowans medal slip and two medals i pressume the one missing is the War Medal.
During the action quite a few Newport lads lost there lives, British ships apparently had no time to pick up survivors, the authorities presumed that the German navy might well have tried and if so the survivors would be held in a POW camp, by 1950 it was evident they were lost at sea.