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Indian BD and Trousers, Military Goverment, SEAC S

Uniform set to an NCO in the RAMC who was attatched to the Military Goverment Singapore District. From the theatre made SEAC titles incorporated with the lion formation patch suggest this BD being used around 1946/7 when No 2 Area SEAC was transfered over to the Singapore District Command. The indian made jacket is dated 1942 and has been tailored at the back, condition is very good with a couple of moth nips and a small hole to the back, enough to stick t my small finger in. All insignia has been machine sewn to a backing of BD material and then machine stitched onto the battle dress. The trousers again are of Indian manufacture and are in very nice condition except for another small hole to the crotch area, these are dated 1943, a matching set in my opinion. The only name has been blacked out which is a pity as i would suggest the owner was a veteran of WW2 before being attatched to the General Goverment.