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1940 Dated MKII Combat Helmet, Ex POW.

A very fine MKII combat lid that was issued to an ex British POW. The helmet is dated 1940 and once had the early choc brown finish, this can be seen to the inside and certain areas on the outside. At one point the outside was repainted in the late war rough finish with a regimental flash to the side, this was scrapped off at some point. The inside second pattern liner is again dated 1940 and sized 7 1/2, a good large size. The liner is in very good supple condition. Chinstrap is again in good condition and is named to a member of the signal corps who was once a POW. The helmet is in untouched condition.
When i purchased this helmet over the weekend i managed to see a small grouping to the same man, His paybook was a replacement dated 1945, he recived his last training in 1942 and had 3 days ex POW leave in January 1945 . His medal goup included the 39, Africa and Italy star. My humble conclusion, he was captured after 1942 perhaps in Italy and after being released managed to do some wartime service just before the end of WW2, the helmet IMHO was most probably the one issued to him after his release from the POW camp. Im sure some research can be done on finding more info on this veteran.