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Welsh Regiment Pith Helmet and Cover.

Welsh Regiment Wolseley pith helmet thats in super condition. The outside material is still strong with no sun fading, no snags and no crushing, only the slightest of storage marks. The cloth edgeing is again in very good order with only one very small fray to the front centre area, lets say under 2mm. The leather chinstrap is complete and in supple condition. The Welsh Reg flash as expected with the condition of the helmet is very good. Inside leather sweat band is named to the firm Linnely of London and has a faint owners name written on the other side, undeneath there is a faint stamping but cannot make it out, its still supple and in very nice order. Inside dome silver linning is in complete condition. With this helmet came a WD marked Cover that again is in very nice condition, i belive it dates from 1942/43.
There is no date stamp to the helmet itself but from the construction i would place this example being made and issued around 1943.