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WW1 Military Ephemera, 1915 Dated Letter, South St

Here is a really interesting letter sent by private Gamson whilst training with the South Staffs Regiment in Saffron Walden to a girl he's ''walking out'' with. In the letter he illustrates a fashionable cap being worn by ladies during the time and sends along a spare cap badge for his sweetheart to wear. The cap badge is in perfect condition being wrapped in tissue for over a hundred years and looks like it would have being brand new at the time and without any polish being applied. Also found was a flattened cigarette and in his letter he mentions sending her a ciggy with each letter. It would appear a Military biscuit was sent, this i didnt find. The rest of the letter also has some intersting insights of the time.
Gamson served in France in 1915 before being invalided out with fever, he latter married the lady in question.