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Large Medal and Paper work Grouping. T&AVR and WW2

This large grouping came to surface this week in the Newport area from the family. There's a large grouping of paper work to him starting in 1944 when he joined the SWB Regiment to the early 70's when he was a member of the RA in Newport. The lot includes his WW2 stars and war medal, Defence is missing, a boxed T&AVR medal with extra bar and two rosettes with some of his uniform removed insignia.
There is too much paper for me to list individually but i will give a good breakdown.
Clarke applied to join the army in 1944, this cert is dated 24/2/44.
His Enlistment Cert is dated 28/2/44 with the Regiment being the SWB's. His paybook is complete but has fallen apart, so all relevant details to the inside as expected. I belive at first he was headed for the Far East but ended up going through Europe. In 1945 it would appear that Clarke was transferred to the 53rd Welsh as a member of the Military Police during his time as part of the British Army of the Rhine. His service with the CMP ended in 1951. Clarke then appears to have a long service in the Territorial Army from the early 50's till the end of the 70's. There are a few letters sent to clarke from friends and family, one mentions a buddy who was a bit of a ''red'' who was KIA and how the Welsh Reg are getting ready for Japan etc. The rest of the papers relate to his service in the TA etc. Lastly there are his medals, according to a late 1940's letter he was entitled to the 39/45, France Germany stars, War medal and Defence, the defence is missing as are his ribbons. The T&AVR medal is fully named to him and still contained in its named box with two rosettes and bar. Lastly to this large grouping is an old Welsh flag and some of his uniform removed insignia and dog tags.
Well i hope that makes sense to you? Its an extensive group to a lad who joined up in 44 and kept going all the way to the late 70's and as an extra bonus its new to the market.