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Luftwaffe Single Decal M40 Combat Helmet, EF64.

Helmet retains over 90% of its original rough finish, some rust coming thru and some white paint spatter.The decal rates at over 80% complete with a few minor knocks. The liner pins are original to this lid and have never been removed.The shell is stamped for the firm EF and is a size 64. The inside liner has seen better days , its complete but has come away from the liner band in a couple of areas. The chinstrap does not look like a German produced one, its the one that was on there when i purchased this for my collection a number of years ago , i felt no reason the remove it. What i liked was the distinctive curve to the front lid as found on EF helmets and the darker patina around this area from the soldier taking it on and off his head, even with the damage to the liner this helmet displays very well and is an example that saw lots of combat.