WW1 Officers KS98 Extrawaffen Bayonet.

Condition is very good considering its a WW1 example. The blade has minimal marks and faint staining, non maker marked.Blade wobbles a bit! The hilt has been painted black with a good amount being lost, some staining. Top fixing button is the ''false'' type. Both wooden chequered grips are in nice condition with one tiny split near the front, hard to see in the pictures,both are held on by screw posts and washers. At one point the bayonet had a badge fastened to the grip by three pins, perhaps a monogram of sorts, two holes are empty but the third still retains its broken fixing post.The steel scabbard has no dents and over 75% of the factory finish. I have managed to find three examples of this sort of bayonet going through some books and all had black paint finish to the hilt.

Code: 58547