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1923-37 South Wales Eagle Patrol Scout Book and Vintage Scout Proficiency Badges.

The book details meetings of Eagle Patrol including names, dates, tests, proficiency test and other various undertaking by a local Newport South Wales scout group from 1923 till the middle of the 1930's. The large book is complete and found inside was an large photo of Eagle Patrol.
Also found amongst the group is a nice selection of early scout proficiency badges, all at one time being mounted to the same material as seen to the blue backing.
Not only a nice local scout grouping but a very nice early vintage set.

Code: 56907

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Churchill and Hitler Wooden Mantelpiece Match/ Fire Taper Holder.

A nicely produced Fire Match wooden holder or perhaps a pipe stand with caricatures of Churchill to the front peering around the corner and a frightened looking Hitler hiding to the back. Going by the construction and the professional way the characters have been crafted i presume this would have been one of a number produced by a local cottage industry.

Code: 57709

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1938 Dated Civilian Respirator and Metal Carry Tin.

In very nice condition with the mask having no issues, clean and clearly marked. The metal carry tin has nearly 100% of its black finish with no dents to the body, owner has scratched there initials to the top.

Code: 57730


Air Ministry Marked, 1941 Dated, Boxed Micrometer.

In very nice working condition. Makers details to the top screw measure and clear AM and date mark to the body. The wooden box is the period example.

Code: 56991

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RAF Sidcot Suit Inner Liner.

A nice condition quilted Kapock liner with all zips present and working, at least two are ''AM'' marked. The inside label is size marked 4 and has the owners name penned over the top. Just above the label is a clear large Crown over ''AM'' stamp.

Code: 57744


Unissued 1945 Dated RAF Side Cap.

Cap has a Glasgow makers stamp to the inside and a clear 1945 date. The condition is, i would say, unissued even down to a nice ''hairy'' nap to the material. The size is stamped 6.

Code: 58142


WW1 British ''Gift Box'' Clasp Knife.

Sometimes described as the clasp knife believed to have been packed in some of the gift boxes given out to front line troops during WW1. The condition is very good with the blade and can opener having some staining, main blade has received a light sharpening only, one end is marked ''Medley'', the spring is very tight. The gouged bone handles have no damage and it still retains its period copper shackle.

Code: 58115

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WW1 Austro Hungarian 1916 Karl Troop Cross.

With this medal being constructed of what might be called zinc ''War Metal'' the condition is very good with a nice triangular ribbon.

Code: 58130

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A.S.C. WW1 British Medals. Killed 1916.

Broken medal trio to Driver Woodruff who is buried in Alexandria , date of death being 13/2/1916 at the age of 23. Sorry to say the War medal has most probably been scrapped long ago when times where hard for the veterans family.

Code: 58136

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WW1 Austro Hungarian Bravery Medal. Bronze.

A nice used example, check out the marks to the right as it was worn for many years on a medal bar at one time.

Code: 58131

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